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" »Alien: Isolation (2 DLC RUS)

Alien: Isolation (2 DLC RUS)

Author: JACKIE | 18-10-2014 | XBox 360 | DLC Add-ons | Views: 1226 | Comments: 3 |
Alien: Isolation (2 DLC RUS)
Information about addition:
Graduation Year: 2014
Genre: Survival Horror
Developer: Creative Assembly
Publisher: SEGA
Publication Type: DLC
Firmware: JTAG / FreeBoot
Language: Russian
Type of translation: text + sound

Alien: Isolation (2 DLC RUS)

Description Additions:
Team suicide - His action takes place immediately after the death of Brett; playing for Ripley, Dallas and Parker, you have to try to lure the Alien in the airlock and throw him into space.
Different characters will have different points of view on current events, and start the game with a different set of resources.

The last survivor - A mission in which Ripley heard the dying screams of Parker and Lambert should activate the self-destruct "Nostromo" and run to "Narcissus."

Alien: Isolation (2 DLC RUS) Alien: Isolation (2 DLC RUS) Alien: Isolation (2 DLC RUS) Alien: Isolation (2 DLC RUS)

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# 1
24 October 2014 23:57
Group: Customers
With TU gives fatal crash, who knows what's going on?
13 December 2014 10:34
Group: Customers
supplements do not work
# 3
13 December 2014 14:30
Group: Customers
supplements do not work

Simon91As far as I know, dlc not cling to the Russian version. And I understand that the author had in mind that he has laid out for Russian through the game without dlc in Russian and English version for dlc, but if you want, you can complete the game in English once a dlc. Something like this :)
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