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" »Life Is Strange: Episode 1 (FreeBoot)

Life Is Strange: Episode 1 (FreeBoot)

Author: JACKIE | 1-02-2015 | XBox 360 | XBLA Arcade | Views: 1855 | Comments: 4 |
Life Is Strange: Episode 1

Life Is Strange: Episode 1 (FreeBoot)
Graduation Year: 2015
Genre: Graphic adventure
Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
Publisher: Square Enix
Publication Type: XBLA
Firmware: JTAG / FreeBoot
Language: English
Type of translation: no
Multiplayer: no

Life Is Strange: Episode 1 (FreeBoot)
A new game from the creators of Remember Me. The Life is Strange will be the two main character, Max Kaulfild and her friend Chloe. The game will unfold in the fictional town of Arcadia Bay, located in Oregon.

Max will return there after five-year absence and found that she had a supernatural talent: it can rewind time back.With it, she tries to uncover the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend, Rachel Amber. This is the first part of the five scheduled for release, so to be continued!

Life Is Strange: Episode 1 (FreeBoot) Life Is Strange: Episode 1 (FreeBoot) Life Is Strange: Episode 1 (FreeBoot) Life Is Strange: Episode 1 (FreeBoot)

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February 1, 2015 12:48
Group: Customers
Thank you can see the rules igrulya :)
February 1, 2015 15:14
Group: Customers
A Russian will be ????
# 3
February 1, 2015 16:16
Group: Reporters
Work on the translation being!

February 1, 2015 16:59
Group: Customers
The game is something with something. Certainly not the walking dead or wolf among us, but you can play. Yes and no translation is also quite norms. and ponyatno.Konechno episode short. And vospolzovatsya time in the game is not very interesting, boring word!
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