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" »Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle 1 ~~~ EUR / RUS ~~~ 1

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle 1 ~~~ EUR / RUS ~~~ 1

Author: JACKIE | 25-08-2013 | 1 ~~~ PS3 ~~~ 1 Games | Views: 821 | Comments: 0 |
Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle 1 ~~~ EUR / RUS ~~~ 1
Information about the torrent:
Graduation Year: 2012
Platform: PS3
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Wizarbox
Publisher: Reef Entertainment
Code disc: BLES01512
Publication Type: pirates
Labor: Verified (4.21+)
External HDD: yes
The presence of a disk in the drive: no
Language: Russian, English
Subtitle Language: Russian, English
Language: English

Game description:
Adventure has always been in her blood.Born the daughter of Captain simple it has become the greatest female pirate of the Caribbean; Morgan Castillo never led a boring life! Begin the path of Morgan's innocent and good-natured 8-year-old girl who lives on the island to becoming famous pirates of the Caribbean!
Morgan travels for several years in search of the great and mysterious treasure called Golden Turtle.Help her to solve the mysteries and puzzles; Use the clues to deceive the enemy in its path. Type a new team, explore more than 50 locations on 5 beautiful exotic islands of the Caribbean, but try to stay out of trouble ... because she's a girl, your mother!

Morgan, the same one that was secondary characters So Blonde. The general mood at the same time moved away from the gloomy tones So Blonde, returning to the bright colors, but the difficulty is about the same.Preliminary acquaintance with any version of So Blonde for playing Captain Morgane is not mandatory!
If you like games such as Monkey Island, Broken Sword, Runaway, and, of course, So Blonde, Captain Morgane is highly recommended to undergo. In addition to this project personally I had a hand Steve Ince (Steve Ince) - writer aforementioned Broken Sword and So Blonde.

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle 1 ~~~ EUR / RUS ~~~ 1Features:
- Colorful and easy to learn.
- Over 12 hours of gameplay and story, written by Steve Ince, winner of the award for the best adventure-game.
- Skillfully avoid the dangers and help solve puzzles and Morgan leave opponents with nothing.
- Explore more than 50 beautiful parts of five exotic islands and hunt for treasure Gold turtle.
- Communicate and interact with 40 unique characters in an exciting adventure.
- 6 new mini-games and a variety of puzzles.

Install and run:
1. Copy the game on the internal or external HDD.
2. Select the game in mM, activating BD emulation.
3. Play!

Free downloadDownloads: 112

Tags: adventure. adventure. PS3 Games

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