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" »Madden NFL 15 (Eng)

Madden NFL 15 (Eng)

Author: JACKIE | 25-08-2014 | 1 ~~~ PS3 ~~~ 1 Games | Views: 571 | Comments: 0 |
Madden NFL 15 (Eng)
Graduation Year: 2014
Genre: Sports
Developer: EA Tiburon
Publishing house: Electronic Arts
Code disk: BLUS31428
Publication Type: License
Type of translation: No
Fullness: FULL
Launch: 4.53+

Madden NFL 15 - this is another part of the popular series of football simulators from the studio EA Sports.
If you've always wanted to do a real man's sport, but for various reasons did not, but now you have the opportunity to feel the beauty of the game of American football!

Despite the rigidity and high invasiveness of the sport, its popularity is constantly growing.At the same rules of the game are fairly simple - the team need to deliver the ball to the area which is located in the rear of the opponents. This may only be a few passes forward, the rest of the distance you will have to run, dodging the fast, heavy and strong defenders of the other team!

Game developers have made every effort to make the next part of the series of the most realistic and exciting - now clashes players look more natural, and artificial intelligence players will appreciate the game more smyshlёnoy and new combinations.

Free downloadDownloads: 416

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