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" »The Evil Within (EUR / RUS)

The Evil Within (EUR / RUS)

Author: JACKIE | 14-10-2014 | 1 ~~~ PS3 ~~~ 1 Games | Views: 593 | Comments: 0 |
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The Evil Within (EUR / RUS)
Release Information:
Platform: PS3
Release date: 2014
Genre: Thriller
Developer: Tango Gameworks
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Code disc: NPEB01797
Language: Russian
Type of translation: Text

The new project from the creator of the legendary series Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami and talented team of developers Tango Gameworks, The Evil Within - the embodiment of the present genre of Survival Horror.The world turned upside down, pulling you into a treacherous tangle of intrigue and the cycle of nightmares.

Can you break the cycle?The latest lighting technology and animations available through id Tech 5 engine, realistic creatures surround you and make you sick imagination to experience a truly animal fear.While investigating the bloody murder, Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his friends face a mysterious and powerful force.
Summoned to the scene of the crime police outfit is brutally interrupted, and the Sebastian ambushed and wakes up in a monstrous, mad world where incredibly ugly creationwander among the dead. The challenge Sebastian - not disappear without a trace in the world revived fear and find out what dark force is behind the incident.

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