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" »Rock'n Roll Racing 2 Red Asphalt (PS/ En / FullRUS)

Rock'n Roll Racing 2 Red Asphalt (PS / En / FullRUS)

Author: JACKIE | 14-01-2015 | 1 ~~~ PSX ~~~ 1 Games | Views: 549 | Comments: 2 |
Graduation Year: 1998
Platform: PS
Genre: Racing / Action
Developer: Interplay Productions
Publisher: Interplay Productions
Code disc: SLES-00056
Area: PAL
Media: CD
Language: Russian, English (you can choose)
Type of translation: text + sound
Multiplayer: 2x
Image type: .CUE / .BIN

In some circles, the game is known as the Rock 'n Roll Racing II: Red Asphalt. "This is a cruel race. Your goal - not only to survive, but also to come first. There is no place for wimps.There are too pious or indecisive fast smear on the road. "The game even has elements rpg - we choose one of the 6-drivers and the game progresses improve their performance.

Next, choose the machine. In the game there are only 6, but a small number of paying off the original car. There are elements of tuning. With the money you can buy new guns, armor, etc ...But in the game about 25 different routes. In general the game interesting, going constantly in tension, especially when you're in first place. Rides and enjoy!

Rock Rock Rock Rock

Tags: PSone Games. Playstation. torrent games. PSX. PS1. PSone. PlayStation

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14 January 2015 20:10
Group: Customers
How to play? On Szego I remember passing the 1st part was Soul Plane game.
# 2
15 January 2015 15:05
Group: Reporters
This of course is not as Soul Plane as the first, but you can slash

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