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" »Corpse Party 1 ~~~ RUS ~~~ January 1 ~~~ FULL / ISO ~~~ 1 (translation tagteam)

Corpse Party 1 ~~~ RUS ~~~ January 1 ~~~ FULL / ISO ~~~ 1 (translation tagteam)

Author: JACKIE | 21-06-2013 | 1 ~~~ PSP ~~~ 1 Games | Views: 3661 | Comments: 0 |
Corpse Party 1 ~~~ RUS ~~~ January 1 ~~~ FULL / ISO ~~~ 1 (translation tagteam)

Corpse Party 1 ~~~ RUS ~~~ January 1 ~~~ FULL / ISO ~~~ 1 (translation tagteam)

Graduation Year: 2011
Genre: Adventure »General
Developer: Team GrisGris and 5pb.
Publisher: Xseed Games
Code disc: NPUH-10117
Publication Type: Full
Firmware: 6.60 ME
Image type: ISO
Serviceability checked: Yes
Language: Russian (1.0)
Type of translation: Text

Sorpse Party BloodCovered (PC) - A remake of the original game, which was published in 1996. The reworked the game, which was released in 2008, added a few new characters: Morischige Sakutoro, Schischido Yu Schinohara Seiko, Suzumoto Mayu and pupils of the school Byakudan. In 2010 the game was ported to the PSP entitled Corpse Party Blood Covered ... Repeated Fear, where the characters have been changed skins, add CG, and the characters voiced by professional actors. This gameplay has not changed.
The game was created by a team GrisGris, as well as an assistant for the port on the PSP were 5pb, and who released the game. Xseed Games in 2011 released the game in the English language in America and in Europe.
June 20, 2013 moved the game into Russian and released a patch.

The Corpse Party Blood Covered ... Repeated Fear tells of a group of students Kisaragi Academy, which, together with the teacher conducted a "happy ritual Sachiko-san" and fall into the trap of primary school Tendzin. And what is even worse - they are divided among themselves.
During the study, the school they meet on the way the ghosts of people who died before they came here. Ghosts claim that no one has yet been able to get out of this terrible place.

Corpse Party Blood Covered ... Repeated Fear - is a horror adventure with elements of RPG.The player takes control of one of the heroes of the game: Mochida Satoschi, Mochida Yuka, Schinozaki Ayumi, Nakaschima Naomi Schinohara Seiko, Kischinuma Ёschiki, Morischige Sakutarou or Schischido Yu.He was instructed to reunite the characters escape from the ghosts and unravel the mystery of an elementary school Tendzin.To accomplish this will need to interact with the surrounding countryside: the collection and use of objects, talk with NPC, reading documents. At the same time, at any time on the characters can attack vengeful spirits from which you can only escape.
Characters do not have weapons. From certain actions game events may develop in different ways.If the characters do something that does not concern the main line of the plot, it is possible to run into Ending'i Wrong. This feature of the game will force the player to make decisions with caution while passing.

Tags: 2011. PSP Games. Anime. Anime

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