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" »The Godfather: Mob Wars 1 ~~~ PSP ~~~ 1

The Godfather: Mob Wars 1 ~~~ PSP ~~~ 1

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The Godfather: Mob Wars 1 ~~~ PSP ~~~ 1
Graduation Year: 2006
Genre: Action / FPS
Platform: PSP
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Language: Russian
Requirements for the firmware: 6.3x

The famous novel "The Godfather" by Mario Puzo authored by the same name and directed by the brilliant saga of Francis Ford Coppola opened the world's eyes to the Italian mafia.They reflected the dirt, meanness and generosity of a great family, relationship troubles surfaced mighty Dons.Thanks to the "Godfather" came simultaneously tragic and romantic image of a proud gangster. All these years you could only observe the life of your favorite heroes, admire and be horrified by, but now everything has changed.

Godfather, the game project, based on the film "The Godfather", will allow you to taste all the joys and sorrows of gangster life.New York is equally ready to crush the brave or bend their knees before him. It all depends on you. US post-war years, the second half of the forties.All the way, all possibilities lie before you as at hand, just need to make the right choice. You start way mediocre "six" in the empire of Don Corleone.Ahead - a lot of challenging assignments and dangerous adventures, but with honor to overcome the difficulties turn into respect in the eyes of the family.Slowly but surely, climbing up, once you are sure to get up close to the Don. And maybe take his place. You have to solve problems on their own. Freedom of choice - based game.Methods impact on the target are always a few: tactful, diplomatic, violent force, "carrot and stick" - ie, to choose from!
The game was closely associated with the movie! Do you remember "The Godfather" in detail? You will not be disappointed! Along with the original job, Godfather includes whole passages from the movie in which you are now personally taking part!
To think ahead. Any action in the game world, cruel or compassionate, has a long lasting effect. If you do not count the situation in three steps forward, the consequences could be a surprise. But nice right?
New York does not exist, he lives! You have the right to move freely around the city, talking with anyone. But remember, all the locals - a great memory. Heroes do not forget the first meeting with you, and if it was unpleasant, expect to help in the future are not worth it.
Corleone do not accept compromises! The city should only belong to one family! You will have to convince competitors to abandon their claim to the metropolis.How to do it, given that Don Corleone is not opposed recent Families, including Tattagliya, Cuneo, Sollozzo, Brazini and Stratstsi? You decide.
Legends of the film took part in the development of the game.Entries Marlon Brando helped the writers to reveal the image of Vito Corleone, in some scenes computer character was voiced by a famous actor, for whom this role was the last. In the sound system game was also attended by James Kahn (Sonny Corleone) and Robert Duvall (Tom Hagen).
Only PSP Godfather can be a strategy! Exclusive mode Mob Wars allows us to take part in the global war for territory. You need to properly supervise the actions of his thugs to take away the land of competitors and the police do not get caught!

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