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" »Patapon 3 January 1 ~~~ PSP ~~~

Patapon 3 January 1 ~~~ PSP ~~~

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Patapon 3 January 1 ~~~ PSP ~~~
Information on the game:
Released: 2011
Platform: PSP
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Published: Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre: Action / RTS
Language VoiceEnglish
Language: Russian

Brave tribe crossed pataponov built at the end of the game Patapon 2 bridge. The mysterious box was on their way, and they have joined forces to try to open it.As a result, they were able to open it ... but that's released from her seven evil spirits, who turned all except Hatapona, pataponov in stone. He escaped the evil fate that befell his comrades, and found the silver at the bottom of the box Hoshipona, which gave him the power to overcome evil spirits.

Patapon 3 - the third part in a series of rhythm-oriented strategy game in which players represent a new pataponov superhero.You can send in the midst of enemies and destroy them with powerful rhythmic attack. In addition, there was a possibility of cooperative transmission and multiplayer battles with up to eight players.

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