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" »Fifa Street 2 January 1 ~~~ PSP ~~~

Fifa Street 2 January 1 ~~~ PSP ~~~

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Fifa Street 2 January 1 ~~~ PSP ~~~
Information on the game:
Release date: 2006
Platform: PSP
Genre: Sport
Developer: Electronic Arts
Published: Electronic Arts
Multiplayer: There are
Firmware: 5.50 GEN D -3 5.00 m33-3 m33-6 5.50 GEN b and GEN C
Language: ENG

Sports mayhem in the streets, and you - in the heart of the action!Yards and a gate turn into playgrounds for their serious passions running high, the atmosphere is heating up white adrenaline rolls over, the pace breakneck fights for the ball constantly growing! You will be able to withstand the frantic pace?
Street soccer - not the same thing that the game on a big field. There is not exactly cut grass, a huge crowd and the judges in a striped shirt. Actually, the judge is not necessary, because the rules of street soccer minimum.
But a domestic match is not an example of spectacular big game. The concrete alleys win real virtuosos, fight for the ball resembles a duel of two acrobats, and elaborate stunts follow each other so quickly that without the necessary skill for them not to follow! Well, in the yard?

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