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" »The Sims 2 January 1 ~~~ PSP ~~~

The Sims 2 January 1 ~~~ PSP ~~~

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The Sims 2 January 1 ~~~ PSP ~~~
Release date: 2005
Platform: PSP
Developer: Maxis
System requirements: 3.40 OE and higher
Language: English

Embark on an exciting adventure all-new The Sims 2. A variety of mini-games, intricate plots and chilling secrets Stendzhtauna head pull you into their world.

Extras. information: Keep away from virtuals experiences. Melancholic heroes have always taken life troubles to heart. Take care of their nerves, do not let worry and upset. After all, only a cold and calculating mind will learn the secrets of Stendzhtauna.
Improve relations with its neighbors. Teaming up with other residents quaint town, you will find it easier to gain the upper hand in entertaining mini-games. Only by answering eight difficult questions, you can get closer to the final outcome.

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