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" " "Collection of Russian games for Dendy and Sega (Roms - Roma)

Collection of Russian games for Dendy and Sega (Roms - Roma)

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Collection of Russian games for Dendy and Sega (Roms - Roma)

Title: Collection of Russian games Dendy and Sega
Publication Type: Repack
Year: 2011
Platform: NES / Sega Mega Drive
Number of games: 251 for the game Dendy and 112 Games Sega Mega Drive
Language: Russian
Multiplayer: HOT SIT mode in some games
Tablet: not required

Dandy (Eng. Dendy) - One of the first consoles in Russia. This is an unofficial version of the third generation consoles Japanese Famicom firms in Europe and the United States known as the «Nintendo Entertainment System». At the heart of the new Dendy is a typical Japanese constructive part of the machine and cartridge format is a little different from the American version of the console.
Dendy was launched in the end of 1992, the company «Steepler». Dandy They were going from component parts from China to Taiwan.Dendy has received great popularity in the former Soviet Union, especially Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.Although in the countries of the former Soviet Union Dendy not produced, it was still very common. Buy it can be had for $ 60, which was a lot of money at that time.
These games need no introduction:Mario, Chip and Dale, Bomber Man, Mortal Kombat, The Little Mermaid, Mowgli, Lode Runner, Contra, black cloak, Double Dragon, Prince of Persia, Battletoads, Robocop, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Galaxy, Tank Battle, Duckhistory, Felix the Cat - a child all played them on the console! And now there is an opportunity to remember the youth and play these and other games (of 394 ROM) on your PC!
The distribution of collected 394 ROM games Dandy, and emulation software. All games are translated into Russian!

Sega Mega Drive - 16-bit game console released by SEGA in 1988 in Japan, and in 1990 - in Europe and other countries. In North America, the prefix was released under the name Genesis, Sega because it could not register the trademark Mega Drive.

In this hand, collected 112 games Sega Mega Drive, Translated into Russian. After all, the Szego a lot of games that without knowledge of English did not appreciate the full magnitude. For example, Lost Vikings effervescent jokes and Comix Zone... What a comic without words? Without the text, which you know? And other games. Well if you know very well English, even if you do not miss the details in the text, which lost translators.But what if you do not know inglisha? Play games on the Russian course not all games for Sega managed to translate, but many still hits now available on our great and powerful, and in the hand is a Russian version of the emulator Gens 2.11 for the full enjoyment

Collection of Russian games for Dendy and Sega (Roms - Roma)

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