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» » F3 Rev735 and LiNK Beta 3 including WebUI

F3 Rev735 and LiNK Beta 3 including WebUI

Автор: JACKIE | 11-03-2013 | XBox 360 | JTAG Homebrew Софт | Просмотров: 5566 | Комментарии: 0 |
F3 Rev735 and LiNK Beta 3 including WebUI

Freestlye 3 Beta Rev 735 - Released March 5th, 2013
Thanks go out to our dedicated beta testers and the community!
Quick Change Info: Streamlined Plugin for less overhead
Quick Change Info: Notes in WebUI
Quick Change Info: In game Screenshots
Quick Change Info: Better user Management
Quick Change Info: Now scan and launch NxE Containers
Quick Change Info: Can create rooms in HUD
Quick Change Info: RSS Feed in HUD.

NOTE: If your link isn't working check the settings there were some database changes and may have defaulted your link settings to disabled.
NOTE: If your plugin won't load properly it could be a conflict when updating. Try deleteing the plugin turning your xbox off and turning it back on then updating the plugin again
NOTE: BE Sure to Cold Boot or Unload and Reload plugin after update.
NOTE: Be Sure to update your kernel, users with dashboard versions lower then 15xxx will have issues with plugin

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