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" "Emulator Dreamcast NullDC beta 1.6

Emulator Dreamcast NullDC beta 1.6

Author: JACKIE | 14-10-2013 | Emulators (PC) | Views: 2088 | Comments: 1 |
1 ~~~ DC ~~~ 1 emulator Dreamcast "NullDC beta 1.6" program correction games "NullDCCheater" + Collection BIOS u0026 ROM

Emulator Dreamcast NullDC beta 1.6
Graduation Year: 2000/2007
Genre: Emulator and accompanying program
Platform: Dreamcast
Language: Game Shark CDX - English, NullDCCheater - German

Description NullDC beta 1.6:
The only normal emulator Dreamcast`a, unlike Chancast, who died on the version 0,25a few years ago and horribly awry Demul, the emulator allows you to run most gamesnormal speed if there is a such a system: 3-3.5 GHz stump 4, 512 MB RAM, graphics card of 6600 GF / R X700 and above. Exceptions are the specific instructions of the game using WinCE (under which the console is running), they unfortunately can not be run until.
And of course it is necessary for different games in different ways to configure the emulator to make it less glitches and that they are generally launched.The kit includes all the right emulator plugins, BIOS, Flash Rom, the loader (Boot) and the program "NullDCCheater" to make changes to the game (cheats). Of course I came out and version 1.7, but it was so unstable and problematic that have yet to use 1.6, and then go directly to 1.8 (if it does not repeat the mistakes of version 1.7)

Description NullDCCheater:
About the same cheat programs like GameShark, but specifically for the emulator and a much smaller number of supported games. It works on the fly - in the game you will make the necessary amendments to the program menu, and once they get.
The program works only when is at the root of the emulator and emulator EXE file renamed nulldc.exe, but this distribution has already invested everything and renamed - just run "nulldcCheater.exe" folder of the emulator.
These cheats are not a luxury, but a necessity when you play on the emulator because of incorrect operation of some games.
Here is an example for such a hit like "Resident Evil - Code: Veronica" - On the emulsion has a glitch - playing for Chris closer to the end of the game does not turn a statue of a lion and you can not take the adapter valve, without which the game does not go through.
Here and save this program:
Playing for Chris, put all the items in the box and start NullDCCheater. At the top of the window, select the name of the game "Resident Evil - Code: Veronica 1 ~~~ T1204N ~~~ January 1 ~~~ V1.000 ~~~ 1".There will be cheats, select - "Chris Item-Slot # 1 Soket (TigerStatue)" - is the latest cheat. Put a tick in front of it and click "Trainer ist aus" to activate the cheat. Go to the game in the first slot, Chris will need an adapter!

Description Xpadder:
Lovely function replaces keystrokes on the keyboard joystick control.
You just have to run the file Xpadder.exe and enjoy the game.
All functions are set, but can be changed at will!

Description nullDC NetPlay:
The application with which you can play online. Note there! Read on to the end, not all games are on the network !!!

Emulator Dreamcast NullDC beta 1.6 Emulator Dreamcast NullDC beta 1.6 Emulator Dreamcast NullDC beta 1.6

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14 October 2013 15:29
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The best emulator is the console itself!

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