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" "Interview with the authors of World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition

Interviews with the authors of World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition

Author: JACKIE | 7-07-2013 | Gaming News | Views: 505 | Comments: 1 |
Interviews with the authors of World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition

Interviews with the authors of World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition

Your announcement at E3 was a surprise. What prompted you to create a version World of Tanks Console from Microsoft?

Our goal - to convey the atmosphere of tank battles to the widest possible audience, while not limited to the scope of any kind was the platform. We started with a version for PCIn 2011, launched World of Tanks Assistant (mobile infoprilozhenie for the game) and targeted to several platforms, announcing a browser TCG World of Tanks Generals.In the spring of 2013, we announced that the portable tank of the war on the smartphones and tablets using World of Tanks Blitz. Now it's time for konsolschikov.Moreover, in some countries (eg USA or Japan) are more than the players on the PC. And among the "pisishnikov" many of those who prefer a monitor with a screen 19-24 inch TV with a diagonal of 37-50.

All the more so World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition - This is not the first joint project Wargaming West and Microsoft. The collaboration began in 2002 with the publication of action on Xbox MechAssault (he was one of the first games to support service Xbox Live). When it's time for a new project, we, without thinking twice, it made a proposal to Microsoft.

A management with a move to the gamepad will not suffer ?. Still, at the World of Tanks specific mechanics.

It gamepad not complicate control, but only gives the game realism. Users can feel all the bumps on the map and feel the impact of every shot. On the controller, everything is always at hand in terms of ergonomics there are no disadvantages.

With regard to the control circuit, we tried to anyone familiar with the Xbox 360, could in a short time to master the game. All configurable with an eye for top shooters for Xbox Live.To achieve accuracy and smoothness of movement, we redesigned the mechanics of shooting. Thus, the grid sight in the console "Tank" takes into account the effect of adhesion and friction force on the approach to the enemy.Beginners will have to taste it, and he who seeks to maximize realism, always disconnect both settings.

Interviews with the authors of World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition

Classes in the game are the same as on the PC, or, as in World of Tanks Blitz, someone will leave the sidelines?

The release version will be three classes of equipment: artillery, self-propelled anti-tank and three subspecies of tanks - light, medium and heavy. Like the PC version, combat tactics for each type of machine will have its own characteristics.

A line of tanks not porezhut?

In the testing phase players will line machines in Germany and the United States. After the release, we will regularly update the project, gradually increasing the number of nations and models of equipment, adding new locations and battle modes - in short, everything in the best tradition of the "World of tanks."

We understand that even in the future owners of the PC and Xbox 360 will not be able to play together?

Despite the fact that the project for the console server using the same technology as that for World of Tanks on PC, combine the two projects at the server level will fail. The reason - in the peculiarities of the closed architecture of the service Xbox Live.
And what about the major updates? New models of appliances will appear simultaneously on both gaming platforms?

World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition - It is not a port of the console video game, and a full project developed from scratch. To ensure a good quality and come in with the release of content, the preparation of which have Wargaming took nearly three years, it is simply impossible. In fact, to grow up to the console version World of Tanks on the PC, it will take more than one month, so in the initial phase, each project will be updated at their own pace.

Interviews with the authors of World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition

A thought wait for the new generation of consoles?

Making MMO game for the console is not yet published, at least inappropriate. The main measure of the success of any online project - it is the size of the gaming community, and Xbox One It requires more than one year to grow a audience, enough to support MMO-games.

Maybe that the successful launch on consoles, we see there are other projects Wargaming - World of Warplanes and World of Warships?

Why ... yes? But do not jump the gun. Let's wait for the exit World of Tanks Xbox 360 EditionAnd after a talk on the subject again.

The console will Kiberliga?

Of course! eSports-component assigned to more than one page in our postreliznyh plans.

A campaign on the global map?

Yes, clan wars mode will appear in the game, but after the release.

Finally, the most exciting. World of Tanks remain shareware game with the optional Premium or residence on Xbox 360 I made some changes in the business model, which we do not yet know?

The concept of free-to-win reflects our vision of a fully balanced system of monetization, and we plan to use it for all projects. World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition - Is no exception.

Play on consoles much more pleasant than on a PC!

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July 7, 2013 13:02
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Not a fan of all available online, but it's nice that the WoT be released on the box!

Moreover, in some countries play in the console (for example, in the US or Japan) are more than the players on the PC.

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