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" "Rumor: Mafia 3 is created for the Xbox 720 and PS4

Rumor: Mafia 3 is created for the Xbox 720 and PS4

Author: JACKIE | 19-11-2012 | Gaming News | Views: 1174 | Comments: 0 |
Rumor: Mafia 3 is created for the Xbox 720 and PS4

Reliable sources portal Eurogamer, close to the internal affairs of 2K Czech, reported that at present the Czech studio vengeance lint on Mafia 3. The novelty is created with an eye on the next generation console - the same pair of "iron stallions", which all call "Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4".

Interestingly, and another time - say people familiar with the person that initially the company 2K Games recorded the third part of "Mafia" in the ranks of starting projects PS4 and Xbox 720That are supposed to appear in the windows of stores in the next year. However, because of problems with the staff that have arisen in the light of last year's dismissals of 2K Czech, the prospects of release Mafia 3 on the day the new consoles now look extremely bleak.

It is noteworthy that kind of like in the new game consoles have had to leave in the next year. Suddenly, however, came the problems with personnel due to a series of layoffs in the past year. So the prospect of playing immediately on the day of the new generation of consoles were only in the dreams of developers.
Although now the Czech studio continues stubbornly to recruit into its ranks more and more developers. Anything can happen.

Anyway, 2K Czech wisely declined to comment about the Mafia 3 and its links with criminal "next-gene".

Rumor developers Mafia IIIStudio 2K Czech is working closely with Rockstar Games. Both studios are helping each other in the creation of GTA V and Mafia III.
The representative of 2K Games has denied rumors about teamwork Rockstar and 2K, but evasively answered the question about Mafia III.

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