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" »F1 RACE STARS (Region Free / ENG)

F1 RACE STARS (Region Free / ENG)

Author: JACKIE | 21-11-2012 | XBOX 360 | Games | Views: 2611 | Comments: 2 |
F1 RACE STARS (Region Free / ENG)

Graduation Year: 2012
Genre: Racing
Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Codemasters
Area: Region Free
Publication Type: License
Firmware: LT 1.9 and higher (XGD2 / 15574)
Language: English
Type of translation: No

F1 Race Stars - first arcade racing game series Formula One, where you will ride on karts, made on the basis of real cars. You are waiting for the official cars, teams and tracks of Formula 1.You will rush on the slopes of Monaco, Silverstone, the new Americas, and other tracks, located around the world. Play F1 Race Stars can also be co-op on the screen is divided into four, or take part in competitions for 12 people.

Free downloadDownloads: 376

Tags: 2012. XBOX 360 games. Racing. Codemasters

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21 November 2012 13:35
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Funny game

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23 December 2013 20:18
Group: Customers
Funny game

I agree! Right now is a demo, but as the start?
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