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" »The Evil Within (PAL / Euro4 / LT + 3.0)

The Evil Within (PAL / Euro4 / LT + 3.0)

Author: JACKIE | 11-10-2014 | XBOX 360 | Games | Views: 1470 | Comments: 3 |
The Evil Within

The Evil Within (PAL / Euro4 / LT + 3.0)
Graduation Year: 2014
Genre: ActioN, Horror
Developer: Tango Gameworks
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Area: PAL
Publication Type: License
Firmware: LT + 3.0
Dashboard: 16537
Language: French, German, Italian, Spanish
Type of translation: No

The Evil Within - The main character is a detective named Sebastian. Together with his partner, he promptly arrives at the brutal crime, initially shrouded in a variety neponyatok.At this point, the mystic power, apparently awaiting the arrival of the officers, provoked a shootout between police, during which they began to thrust into each other bullets.

Before the eyes of Sebastian bloody spectacle unfolded. Taken aback, he watched this painting up until and did not come under attack and lost consciousness.When he awoke, Sebastian finds himself in a strange place, where roam creepy monsters. Under our leadership he has to go through all the circles of hell and get to the truth of what is happening!

The Evil Within He is trying to find the right balance between horror and action, forcing the player desperate to survive, passing through a series of unimaginable horrors. Team Mikami wants to rethink the genre and make it more difficult and saturated!

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# 1
11 October 2014 15:24
Group: Reporters
As a horror film, something that was promised?

# 2
11 October 2014 16:16
Group: Customers
As a horror film, something that was promised?

I'll wait another week and Russian Download
11 October 2014 18:00
Group: Customers
I watched the trailer) looks scary game of course, but still a little similar to Resident Iweala)
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