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" »Iron Sky: Invasion 1 ~~~ PAL u0026 NTSC / ENG ~~~ 1 LT + 1.9

Iron Sky: Invasion 1 ~~~ PAL u0026 NTSC / ENG ~~~ 1 LT + 1.9

Author: JACKIE | 6-05-2013 | XBOX 360 | Games | Views: 1500 | Comments: 0 |
Iron Sky: Invasion 1 ~~~ PAL u0026 NTSC / ENG ~~~ 1 LT + 1.9

Graduation Year: 2012
Genre: Simulator (Space) / 3D
Developer: Reality Pump Studios
Publisher: TopWare Interactive
Area: PAL
Publication Type: License
Firmware: LT + 1.9 or higher (XGD2 / 15574)
Language: English
Type of translation: No

Iron Sky: Invasion 1 ~~~ PAL u0026 NTSC / ENG ~~~ 1 LT + 1.9


Iron Sky: Invasion - A space simulator, which combines the traditions of puchshie history of video games of this genre.The game contains elements of strategy and RPG creates an exciting scenario involving the player in the war between the Moon and Earth, between good and evil, or simply put between us and the fascists!
The game is based on classic air combat between players, ship to ship, how it is seen by the world in the days of the Red Baron!Like the ancestor of all fighter pilots, and the expanse of the vast universe, in addition to the knightly battles between pilots heroes, you'll have to fight the huge merchant ships fighting class airship!


u003e A unique combination of space simulator and real time strategy.
u003e Continuous play: no division into separate levels and missions. "Iron Sky Invasion"It is a big battle for the future of humanity.
u003e Non-stop Action expense of air battles and epic battles against the giant space airships!
u003e Countless enemy ships from a quick "Valkyrie" to the giant "Gotterdammerung" lurk in the depths of space.
u003e Players presented a choice of different types of vessels, from the interceptor to maneuver heavy bombers.
u003e Several types of weapons that have been taken directly from the films, such as laser guns, homing missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.
u003e Resource Management: With the collection of debris enemy ships you will be able to find new details and unique resources to enhance your ship.
u003e Energy: the player can control the energy of your ship between the shields diverting its weapons or speed to adapt to any situation.
u003e Space garage: stykovyvayas space stations with the Allied player can convert your ship and deliver more than 100 upgrades.
u003e Stunning 3D world created thanks engine GRACE2.

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Tags: 2013. XBOX 360 games. Simulator. Insertion

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