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REVIEW Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Author: JACKIE | 8-02-2013 | Game Reviews | Views: 1463 | Comments: 1 |
REVIEW Tekken Tag Tournament 2

After the announcement Tekken Tag Tournament 2 we are very worried about the quality of the project: impressions Tekken 6 spoiled various shortcomings and obvious trash. Long loading logs online, outdated graphics, strange scene mode and the lack of any major changes to the combat system damped reputation of the series. But TTT2 He managed to restore our faith in the series, and although "dzhagly" half life line still remained, but to achieve this result is not so simple.

Gameplay Tekken It has always been built on juggling opponent. Tag Tournament 2 not only adheres to the traditions, but brings the very major adjustments by team interactions.If you look at the list of receptions of the character, then some of the names of a number of small icons appear.Red arrow icon "back and forth" means that you can change the character after the reception.Most often it is the so-called "launchers" - techniques, juggle our opponent into the air to start juggling.Green icon with an arrow curve indicates that after the execution of this method, you can call partner and the two pour opponent on the first number. To win a round, enough to spend a line of life in one of the contenders.

REVIEW Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Thus, for a successful game must be replaced in time and explore not only the techniques of the characters, but also figure out how they interact.In addition to the previously prepared command methods as it usually happens in «tag» modes, there are a springboard for the creation of effective command combinations by the correct application of techniques thatand marked in the list of these icons. This command can be chosen so that you will be in the same style. For example, you can play for Jun and Asuka or King and Armor King.However, such an abundance of characters and styles of sin is not to experiment in the doubles "juggling."Sowing in the "training" and move all of your favorite characters, we selected those who find it easier to interact with each other. Opt for characters Jun, Asuka, JayCee and Bob (slim).The process of inventing doubles dzhaglov may be no less gambling than the battle itself.However, if you do not want to play a couple and prefer to be a lone wolf, you can choose one character instead of the pair. At the same time to equalize the chances of you during combat will gradually recover range of life and mode of "rage" could trigger twice.

However, this change in the gameplay does not end there. Now the character enters a state of rage, when he is in "reserve", and the main character has already lost half of the line health.And then there is a small nuance. Depending on the attitude of the characters to each other, rage may start a bit earlier or later than usual.For example, if JayCee to take in a couple of King`u, it may not look like a friend and beat her into a rage a little earlier than usual, and if you take it in a couple of starikanov Heihachi, sheHe hates accordingly rage comes later. How characters relate to each other can be viewed either in the guide, or at special online resources.Also, if you follow the plot of the series, you probably know someone who is friends of the characters and who fight. However, this does not affect the gameplay. If you can play, you can win in any case.

REVIEW Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Talking about the plot and characters, it is worth mentioning that there is no mode «STORY» with one common narrative for all the characters and scenes in the game engine. Here we need to go in the old regime «ARCADE» for each fighter and look stylish CG videos about how Asuka chasing bandits or Anna posing for the paparazzi.Of course, this number of characters it would be difficult to invent a scenario in which they would all reacted, and then not particularly necessary.Another thing is that so many characters influenced not only writers, but also on the costume designer.Most of the characters are 2 costume, and some costumes do not differ from each other. It comes to the rescue mode editor costumes.At first, looking at the amount of content, the eyes diverge. However, when you start to dig particularly in clothing, it turns out that unique garments for each character a little bit here.As the game for the selected character, he opened some of the clothes, but, as a rule, members of the same suit.

But there is just a huge number of any color settings glow aura color "rage", flags and weapons, which also have to open.Weapons, as before, you can use during battle, for example, we dressed up Bob and JC and soldiers armed with shotguns. Win it, however, it did not help, but added coolness.

REVIEW Tekken Tag Tournament 2

In addition to the standard modes such as Time attack and of Survivor, Tekken there was always something else, sometimes even unique as bowling or battle a la beach volleyball. Here we are not left without raisins, and we are pleased by the new regime Fight Lab, where we play for Combot robot and teach the basics of the game, doing the job with the mini games. In one of them we are waiting for the characters changed Street Fighter - Fatty Ryu and Ken by Bob and Gunray, as well as Akuma in the performance of Ogre - look very funny. As the assignments we earn experience points and open techniques of different characters.Thus, we can come up with unique style, assembled with the world on a string, and then tested in real combat. Unfortunately, the robot is not available everywhere in the rating online game to use it fail.

In addition to Fight Lab, one can have fun and in combat with ghosts. Something similar happened in the series before.Playing against the computer and increasing your rank, we caught Lucky Box, which are open and various items for the editor.But the main feature here is that when you connect to the Internet, the game collects the data of other users, and simulates them in the same mode.Himself online boasts a good network code and quickly search, during which training mode is included, as in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

REVIEW Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 January ~~~ Region Free / RUS ~~~ 1 (XGD3) (LT + 2.0) XBOX360 2012
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 January ~~~ Region Free / RUS ~~~ 1 (LT + 3.0) 2012 (Xbox 360)
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