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" »F.A.Q Upgrade to Dashboard Freeboot-Consoles

F.A.Q Upgrade to Dashboard Freeboot-Consoles

Author: JACKIE | 9-08-2012 | XBox 360 | JTAG Homebrew Software | Views: 33163 | Comments: 3 |
FAQ on updating the Dashboard on Freeboot-consoles

F.A.Q Upgrade to Dashboard Freeboot/JTAG consoles

5. Enter the key of your CPU.

6. To set the startup press Launch.ini Options (here the most important thing (for startup Dasa) specify where on your train is a file default.xex. The rest leave unchanged)
7. Enter your settings if necessary, click Create to create a configuration file.
8. Save your settings.
9. Click Create Image
10. Select the type of motherboard your console.

11. Click OK and wait for completion.

Time of treatment - 10 minutes.

Required software

Tags: Instructions Xbox 360. Dashboard. FREEBOOT. JTAG

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How to update dashboards on the Xbox 360 JTAG / RGH
15 September 2013 11:02
Group: Customers
Hi, I hasten to ask for help!I broke freeboot (well, I think so), because when you try to start a boxing lamp is lit, and sometimes there are sounds similar to the ones that are, if your PC does not want to read the disc,Although nothing in the box is inserted.The inquisitive mind would not let me rest and I wanted to try to update itself freeboot, dams removed using Simple-360-NAND-Flasher, then threw Dash Launch boxing to learn CPU (then I realized thatyou can just run Xell), but then it all went wrong as shown in the picture:he asked me to upgrade, but I'm a fool clicked yes, then he wrote that it is necessary to restart the console again agreed, but the box just turn off. And, actually, it now does not start.Please tell me if I can solve the problem yourself (can be hard to connect to a computer and delete lunch or something else), and if so, how? Thanks in advance!
# 2
24 February 2014 12:36
Group: Customers
please tell me, when you choose the version dashboards (16537) writes, "The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found."?
25 May 2014 23:13
Group: Customers
tell me I was doing on chegoto Explorer promptly inserted into the content uy me 70 games left 12
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