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" »Sonic Generations (2011 /PC/ RePack / Rus) R.G. World Games

Sonic Generations (2011 / PC / RePack / Rus) R.G. World Games

Author: JACKIE | 24-09-2012 | Torrent Games for PC | Views: 2272 | Comments: 1 |
Sonic Generations (2011 / PC / RePack / Rus) R.G. World Games

Released: 2011
Platform: PC
Genre: Arcade
Developer: Sonic Team
Published: Sega
Language: Russian
Language: English
Medicine: Sew

In the fantasy world of Sonic chaos - unknown mysterious force has set up "time holes" in which sucked hedgehog and his friends.As a result, the hero will be involved in the unexpected events of its past and meet with his classic incarnation - Sonic the hedgehog sample 1991.Modern and classic Sonic must deal with a mysterious new enemy, save their friends bestgeymer there and find out who is behind all these strange events.

The hero of all time. Favorite players of several generations of Sonic hedgehog appear in two images - both classic and modern. Every Sonic will use the famous special-abilities: the first - Spin Dash and Spin Attack, while the second - Homing Attack and Sonic Boost.
The evolution of the world. Legendary fantasy universe is presented in HD-quality. Events will unfold in two-dimensional scenery, as in the first games of the series of the 1990s and in three-dimensional virtual space.
Virtual reality. Innovative interactive menu will allow everyone to feel part of an amazing universe of Sonic.
Pleasant surprises. Untangling the mysterious case, fans of the series will meet with famous characters and went out and brought a lot of treasures.

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Tags: PC Games. 2011. RePack. Arcade. platformer. Sonic Team. Sega

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24 September 2012 11:41
Group: Reporters
Best of Sonic the latter, played with great pleasure recalled Segou !!!

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