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" " »The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (v 1.1.06) (2013) 1 ~~~ RUS / ENG ~~~ January 1 ~~~ Steam-Rip ~~~ 1

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (v 1.1.06) (2013) 1 ~~~ RUS / ENG ~~~ January 1 ~~~ Steam-Rip ~~~ 1

Author: JACKIE | 29-06-2013 | Action 1 ~~~ PC ~~~ 1 / RPG / JRPG 1 ~~~ PC ~~~ 1 | Views: 1066 | Comments: 0 |
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (v 1.1.06) (2013) 1 ~~~ RUS / ENG ~~~ January 1 ~~~ Steam-Rip ~~~ 1


Information about the game:

Graduation Year: 2013
Genre: Action / RPG
Developer: Neocore Games
Publisher: Neocore Games
Game Version: v 1.1.06
Publication Type: RePack 1 ~~~ Steam-Rip ~~~ 1
Language: Russian
Language: English
Tablet: Enclosing "RELOADED Steam Emulator"

Game description:
How do you mean?Everyone knows Professor Van Helsing is combined with Count Dracula and his undead army to retake the city from Borgoviya crazy mutant killers who sent down a mad scientist.This story is waiting for us in the RPG from the company Neocore Games, which is scheduled for the first half of 2013.

Of course, take seriously the story of this game in any case it is impossible, because the project is thoroughly imbued with humor, derides those days.
In the story, Van Helsing sends his son on a dangerous mission to destroy all dangerous creatures and help the werewolves and vampires.That, in turn, trained melee, magic and shooting because he had to fight with almost invincible monsters that have different abilities.Giant rat breathe fire? Ravens with knives on their paws? The absurdity of the plot and complement the frantic gameplay.Your character will slip on the map at a speed of medieval witch on a broomstick, while exploding, burning, dissolving, shooting the crowd misunderstood creatures.Gameplay is more reminiscent of Diablo 3. Top and similar management doing their job. In your arsenal will be a variety of ingenious devices to tear off the head of evil. But you can do without them.
Present three threads talents that can be combined in various ways. Shooting, melee and magic. Now fire ax or enchanted bullets no longer a problem.

- Enter into an unforgettable gloomy gothic world filled with monsters, magic and supernatural knowledge
- Immerse yourself in an exciting unique story to tell your own character with grim humor, spiced with brilliant dialogues.
- Fight in fierce battles to defeat your supernatural enemies through a variety of talents and skills
- Adapt your character thanks to a careful equation system in which you can decide which skills you will need in your exploits
- Use special abilities and customize unique skills of the follower
- Release your anger to become even stronger and skillful
- Learn the secrets of the mystical alchemy and invent things that increase your strength
- Arrange comfortable in your den hunting and decorate their shelter various valuable trophies
- Become the greatest fighter of monsters of all time, playing together in a network to hunt monsters with up to four players.

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Tags: PC Games. actionRPG. 2013

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