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" " »Crysis 3: Hunter Edition (Electronic Arts) (RUS) (L | Origin-Rip)

Crysis 3: Hunter Edition (Electronic Arts) (RUS) (L | Origin-Rip)

Author: JACKIE | 16-02-2013 | Torrent Games for PC / Games Shooters 1 ~~~ PC ~~~ 1 | Views: 1016 | Comments: 0 |
Crysis 3: Hunter Edition (Electronic Arts) (RUS) (L | Origin-Rip)

Graduation Year: 2013
Platform: PC
Genre: Action / Shooter / Epic
Developer: Crytek
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Publication Type: License
Language: Russian, English / Polish
Language: Russian, English / Polish
Medicine: No

Crysis 3 continues the famous series of shooters from Crytek. The game is set in 2047, and you play the role of a prophet.He returned to New York, where he learned that the city is under a dome Nanodome, which was created by the corporation CELLResidents report that Nanodome necessary for their protection and cleaning of the metropolis last tsefov, but, in fact, its construction is part of a covert operation to capture technologies for world domination.
Putting enhanced Nanosuit and armed with deadly bow and devastating alien technology to the Prophet will prevent cunning plan CELL and destroy the remaining aliens.

Features Hunter Edition:
Starting advantage in multiplayer - the increased amount of experience up to level 5 and the possibility to unlock additional equipment before the other.Excellent shape - change your gear, get a unique camouflage for the bow and three exclusive medal in the style of "The Hunter."A set of "Stalker" - Hunt the enemy, staying in the shade and use the silent, but deadly attacks.The kit includes the main game, all Hunter Edition publication materials and early access to the deadly semi-automatic shotgun, "The Jackal" in multiplayer.With this powerful melee weapon comes a unique muffler, allowing to shoot silently, and special paint. In addition, you get two exclusive themed medallion.Become invincible hunter in online battles - get early access to corporate Crysis 3 onions, improvements to his Nanosuit and "Hunter".

Free downloadDownloads: 203

Tags: 2013. PC Games. Action (Shooter). Crytek

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