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" »Portal 2 January ~~~Freeboot~~~ 1 RUS

Portal 2 January ~~~Freeboot~~~ 1 RUS

Author: JACKIE | 21-02-2015 | XBOX 360 | JTAG Games | Views: 2741 | Comments: 2 |
Portal 2 January ~~~ Freeboot ~~~ 1 RUS
Graduation Year: 2011
Genre: Puzzle, Adventure
Developer: Valve Corporation
Publisher: Valve Corporation
State of play: Region Free
Publication Type: GOD
Firmware: FreeBoot
Language: Russian
Type of translation: text + sound
Multiplayer: There are

Portal 2 January ~~~ Freeboot ~~~ 1 RUS
This sequel to the 2007 game, Portal 2 - interesting adventure in the genre of puzzle. The game is challenging, making use of your wits against the mechanisms of "diabolical" laboratory (a funhouse of diabolical science).
Using the experimental portal device, you once again face off with deadly inventive artificial intelligence named GLeDOS.

But this time you will not be alone, get to know the personality module named Wheatley (born. Wheatley) and pass a dangerous path through the abandoned and ruined the area portal Nature Research Laboratory (Aperture Laboratories).
Break the laws of spatial physics in ways of which you had no intention of playing either individually or in co-op games.

Portal 2 January ~~~ Freeboot ~~~ 1 RUS Portal 2 January ~~~ Freeboot ~~~ 1 RUS Portal 2 January ~~~ Freeboot ~~~ 1 RUS Portal 2 January ~~~ Freeboot ~~~ 1 RUS

Tags: FREEBOOT. JTAG. GOD. torrent games. XBOX 360. Xbox360. XBOX 360 games

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1 ~~~ JTAG / ARCADE ~~~ 1 Sounter-Strike: Global Offensive 1 ~~~ Region Free / RUS ~~~ 1
February 22, 2015 6:35
Group: Reporters
And it will download somehow :)
And I know that is not the topic I write, but perezaleyte Orange Box with the first Portal :)
March 1, 2015 13:42
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There is a joint game?
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