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" »Emulator for PSXone Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)

Emulator for PSXone Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)

Author: JACKIE | 18-06-2013 | XBox 360 | Emulators / XBox 360 | JTAG Homebrew Software | Views: 31967 | Comments: 53 |
Emulator PSX to Xbox 360 Jtag PCSXR 360

Updated PCSXR 360 v2.0.6a (18.02.2015)
PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)
Release date: 2013
Developer: Ced2911
Publisher: Ced2911
Release Type: Homebrew
Area: Region Free
Firmware: FreeBoot / JTAG
Language: Eng
Serviceability checked: Yes (JACKIE)

Ced2911 released his version of the emulator PS1/PSX/PSone PCSXR 360.
Emulator PCSXR 360 It has been greatly improved in recent years, and now it can also be launched directly from the Freeftyle 3 Dashboard'a !, and not as before through Hell.

The list of games supported version PCSXR360 v2.0.4

Description PCSXR360 v2.0.6:
Version 2.0.6 is completely updated interface emulation has improved, the opportunity to download and covers the description of the games, as well as create a profile with the settings for each game.

It's not all functions (analog support (rumble works in some games), multi-disc support, the brightness has been set, as it is now possible to choose between a graphical interfaceStarr plug CDR (for CDDA raider 1,2 and games) and the new CDR for better compatibility for games like Jammer Lammy and probably other games!

Note: when we choose a graphical interface options using the new plug-in cord and try to download a game, the game will not load immediately. The emulator will start pcsxr_new.xex, is not nothing like the emulator with the new CDR sauce code compiled in the assembly. Simply select the game again and the game will work fine.
The same thing happens if you choose the old CDR plugin and try to load the game. The emulator will start pcsxr_retail, ie build the old CDR source code is compiled. Try to download the game again and it will work.

New in PCSXR 360 v2.0.6a

SPU timer will be set 2, when you enable the SPU IRQ New CDR assembly.

Fixed BIOS sound intro the new SPU. In fact, the CED has corrected this problem in a fist working Socialist Party, but it is sure to add to their recent spu.This also fixes some strange sounds in the games such as Ace Combat 3.

Added slow download options (BIOS intro animation) on the gaming profile settings in the two nuclei (new and old versions of CDR).I added this option, since some games like Tomb Raider 4 have a strange noise sounds in the game, using a quick download (BIOS Intro) and the old CDR. Thus, using a slow boot options (BIOS intro animation will appear) and the sound will work just fine!

PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)
PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)

UPD: 18.02.15 PCSXR360 v2.0.6a

Tags: Emulators. Emulator. PSone. XBOX 360. XBOX 360 JTAG SOFT. 2013

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# 1
19 June 2013 15:09
Group: Reporters
Checked emulator works well for HD TVs bad picture, but you can play!

Tested games:
C u0026 C Red Alert
Hogs of War
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

# 2
August 28, 2013 4:43
Group: Customers
Checked NFS Porsche, works well, the picture is good, shade slightly worse than the PS2 ,.
the problem arose with the trigger! They do not work, krestavina works!
If anyone knows, maybe they can play like that! ?? but it really is difficult to control the cross.
# 3
19 December 2013 14:58
Group: Customers
Hi! Explain why 2 emulator, what and where to throw off all the right to work? Spanish one on YouTube videos incomprehensible ...
# 4
19 December 2013 18:27
Group: Reporters
Both are generally the same!
Putting the game folder Roms.
Games should be like in the .bin image.

# 5
19 December 2013 19:53
Group: Customers
So understood, can add to his cap, you never know))
file that has zastavochku PCSXR 360 and the same sound with PS1, but for some reason do not work analogues, and on the second archive, there is no screen saver from SONY, but once the game starts, and all the buttons work as a native gamepad.
21 January 2014 13:30
Group: Customers
And freeboot where he emulator fold? 00000000 in the folder?
# 7
21 January 2014 14:17
Group: Reporters
Who else, I throw all the zeros!

# 8
22 January 2014 16:13
Group: Reporters
I tried a few games, image format .bin. Neither does not start, and in particular: Vagrant story. Tekken 3. Metal Gear Solid. Just boxing hangs after launch, and all black screen. Sometimes the truth is losing the initial screen in the games, but then still hangs tightly (
January 29, 2014 2:56
Group: Customers
how to turn an analog control?)) it is possible to just do?))))
# 10
February 1, 2014 12:56
Group: Customers
And why do we need this emulator prompt?
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