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" »(Kinect) Dance Central 3 (Region Free / ENG) (XGD3) (LT + 3.0) (2012) XBOX360

(Kinect) Dance Central 3 (Region Free / ENG) (XGD3) (LT + 3.0) (2012) XBOX360

Author: JACKIE | 14-10-2012 | XBox 360 | Kinect | Views: 4269 | Comments: 0 |
(Kinect) Dance Central 3 (Region Free / ENG) (XGD3) (LT + 3.0) (2012) XBOX360

Graduation Year: 2012
Genre: Dance
Developer: Harmonix Music Systems
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Area: Region Free
Firmware: LT + 3.0
Language: English
Type of translation: No

The best-selling dance game for Kinect for Xbox 360 is back with a new update "Dance Central 3" Innovator of music games Harmonix Music Systems Inc.It continues to develop the possibilities of "Dance Central", bringing in its arsenal of new features, including a new multiplayer for up to 8 players and the latest tracks from Usher, Cobra Starship, Gloria Gaynor, 50 Cent and other artists.
Dance in time.
Light up the dance floor and learn fashionable dance movements, gathered in all parts of the trilogy. You can dance to your favorite tunes of yesteryear including "The Hustle", "Electric Slide" and "The Dougie", as well as the most fashionable hits of this season.

Start the party!
"Dance Central 3" includes a new function "Crew Throwdown" for dance battles between the teams for the title of "the star of the dance floor."The function "Crew Throwdown" includes the mini-game "Keep the Beat", in which players win points for correct dance moves and sense of rhythm, but also the function of "Make Your Move", whichIt makes dancers to invent their own dance moves and compete in ingenuity. Option "Party" is also included in a functional "Dance Central 3", forcing everyone to move to the music beats!

Do not turn off the music!
CD with more than 40 songs, including hits of the past and the most current composition of our time, "Dance Central 3" includes the most successful songs of the charts and the most diverse soundtracksamong the music games. Continuing the tradition, which opened with a series of Harmonix Games Rock Band, the original composition "Dance Central" and "Dance Central 2" can be downloaded in the "Dance Central 3".Fully integrated into the game Music Store allows players to increase your library of more than 140 songs available on the day of the game.

As in reality.
With your favorite dance numbers from the previous series and more original dances created by choreographers experts from Harmonix, "Dance Central" offers the most realistic dancemovement, which will be fun to learn to dancers of all levels, from beginner to professional.Training game mode will allow systematically improve their choreography, improving their skills. Combining technology and thoughtful design from Harmonix "Dance Central 3" will allow you to become a real dancer, saving time for other pursuits in life.

More control.
"Dance Central 3" displays the quality of voice control "Dance Central 2" to a new level, voice commands work for almost every section of the game.Werth head a familiar song? Just start dancing and singing a song simultaneously. In addition, players can use the mobile application "Dance Central 3" to create a track list for his party to follow the physical form and compete with friends when Xbox Live?

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