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" »Red Dead Redemption - GOTY 1 ~~~ Region Free / RUS ~~~ 1

Red Dead Redemption - GOTY 1 ~~~ Region Free / RUS ~~~ 1

Author: JACKIE | 3-12-2012 | XBOX 360 | Games | Views: 4664 | Comments: 2 |
Red Dead Redemption - GOTY 1 ~~~ Region Free / RUS ~~~ 1

Graduation Year: 2011
Genre: Action / TPS
Developer: Rockstar San Diego
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Area: Region Free
Publication Type: pirates
Firmware: any
Language: Russian
Type of translation: text

Western about the latest "free lances" Wild West of the authors of the cult series GTA - it's a huge game world, branched story, gameplay and outdoor luxury shootout thriller in the spirit of the popular Red Dead Revolver.
XX century begins. In the vastness of the American prairie comes to industrialization, and with it - law and order. A former thug John Marston, who left a bloody fishing is measured life.But the family idyll threatened by the ghosts of a dark past, and Marston goes in search of the former associates in a long and dangerous journey.

Hero is destined to overcome the huge distance from the western borders of the United States, where chaos reigns and dominated by unscrupulous criminals and corrupt officials, and ordinary settlers are endless struggle forsurvival, to visit Mexico, staying on the verge of civil war, and to get to the civilized towns of the American North.

The graphics engine Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE) is open to allow the present study world, living by its own laws.The small border town with an archaic way of life, the vast prairie, dangerous canyons, gorges, passes and other features of wildlife - all recreated in detail, taking into account the laws of physics andhistorical realities with the help of modern technology. Fulfilling plot tasks, players will take part in spectacular gunfights, melee fights and chases on horseback, witnessing an epic story about the decline of the Wild West.

Free downloadDownloads: 648

Tags: 2012. 2011. XBOX 360 games. Rockstar. action

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Red Dead Redemption 1 ~~~ Region Free / RUS ~~~ January 1 ~~~ XBOX360 ~~~ 1
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Undead Nightmare is also the transfer ???
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guys on hand please stand
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