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" »Brigandine Legend of Forsena (PS1 Rus)

Brigandine Legend of Forsena (PS1 Rus)

Author: JACKIE | 15-01-2015 | 1 ~~~ PSX ~~~ 1 Games | Views: 392 | Comments: 0 |
Brigandine Legend of Forsena (PS1 Rus)
Information on the release:
Graduation Year: 1997
Genre: Strategy
Platform: PS
Developer: Hearty Robin
Publisher: Atlus Co.
Code disc: SLUS-00687
Area: NTSC
Language: RUS
Type of translation: text
Image type: * .MDS / *. MDF

Released in 98 turn-based strategy, not gained much popularity, but has won a good reputation. Beforehand explain management, because at first I did not have a clue where to press.Choosing a new game, and the complexity of campaign (5 of 6 available). Skipping (or read) the dialogue and to see a map with castles. If the flag is raised in the city means there are heroes.

Click on the lock, select "Organize" and "Order" .There see heroes, monsters and their performance characteristics. The bar at the bottom right of the hero has an indicator indicating how many monsters hero can carry commanded.Distributing monsters will move the army. Click on the city and click "move", further with the "square" choose who will move and then click on the lock, where to go.To complete the course click "Select" and select "Execute". Now we can attack, choose a city, click the "attack", so as to choose those who will attack (town can be deposited up to 3 characters at once), click on the attacked again gorod.Dalee select-execute.

Brigandine Legend of Forsena (PS1 Rus) Brigandine Legend of Forsena (PS1 Rus) Brigandine Legend of Forsena (PS1 Rus) Brigandine Legend of Forsena (PS1 Rus)

Tags: Playstation. PSone. PSX. PS1. PlayStation

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