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" »Dead to Rights: Retribution (RF / RUS)

Dead to Rights: Retribution (RF / RUS)

Author: JACKIE | 23-10-2013 | XBOX 360 | Games | Views: 2190 | Comments: 2 |
Dead to Rights: Retribution (RF / RUS)
Info about the game:
Released: 2010
Genre: Action
Developer: Volatile Games
Publisher: Namco Hometek
Area: RegionFree
Publication Type: pirates
Firmware: iXtreme: the second wave
Language: Russian
Type of translation: text

Jack Slate - unscrupulous cop ready to uproot evil at all costs. And in the gloomy town of Grant Citi had plenty of work. Megapolis suffocating under the weight of the crime bosses.To change this situation, we need strong and even violent action.In Dead to Rights: Retribution presented innovative combat model that combines melee, shooting and "dog work."In the fight against crime police assisted by his faithful companion - a dog named Shadow.Jack can shoot enemies, to conduct blind fire from cover, use enemies as human shields, and work on them relentlessly techniques melee. Ferocious dog is no less dangerous for the criminals and the characters together to form an invincible team ready for any situation.
At various points in the game you can control not only Jack Slate, but his four-legged friend.However, the police and the dog shoot through, punched, scratched and gnaw their way through choking Crime in the city. And in front of them waiting scary shocking truth about the conspiracy, capable to shake the world to its very foundations!
«Dead to Rights: Retribution - a fresh look at the series. The game is made from scratch. We restarted the Dead to Rights counting on fans of the series, and a new audience, "- said the project manager Imre Jele.

= Two characters. Unscrupulous policeman Jack deals with enemies with firearms or crushing blows puts them in close combat.And his faithful dog Shadow, which can also control the player silently removes opponents alone or with a running start into the crowd, causing panic.
= Various combat system. Bandits can flash or bullets mercilessly smash melee - the choice of the player.
= New techniques. Jack Slate is dangerous even with bare hands. Deft movement he can disarm or kill the enemy. Police competently builds combinations of strokes, skillfully counterattacks and cope in a fight with several strikers.
= Hurricane shooting. From the shelter can lead blind or aimed fire, and tucked under the arm villain is easily converted into a mobile living shield.
= History of the neo-noir. Players will enjoy a dive into the dark abyss of Grant City. Colorful character, classic storytelling and advanced game design makes the story really exciting.

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