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" »Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS)

Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS)

Author: elektro86 | 6-12-2014 | XBox 360 | JTAG Homebrew Software | Views: 3820 | Comments: 18 |
Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS)
Information on dashboards:
Graduation Year: 2014
Topic: Aurora Dashboard v0.4b
Developer: Phoenix
Publisher: Phoenix
Area: Free
Firmware: Freeboot / JTAG
Language: Russian, Multi

Written from the ground up dashboards that has been optimized to quickly navigate the menu Xbox 360.
This is the first alpha version may contain some bugs, but it was fairly stable, the new version in the development of dashboards!

Changes Goole translation
= Added LB Tab / RB icons for the manager and position FileManager Update, to help make it more clear.
= Updated skin.xml skin.meta and added to the files of the skin to support the new selection parameters skin.
= Added alternative leather screensaver option in the default skin.
= Reconfigured filter and sort the scene and I did update the list of games.
= Creates a new dynamic module list, which allows us to save a lot of computing power XUI.
= Added activator screenshot and select the trigger button prompts will allow configuration.
= Fixed a bug where you could move the game list, but progress has been featured UI.
= Fixed bug where freezing can occur when viewing the scene achievements (and a couple of other scenes).
= Added the ability to run LibXenon ELF file from the file manager.
Added = Launch DVD button on the dialog system with detection of the drive to activate / deactivate buttons as necesssary.
= Moved CoverLayout choice in the pop-up list.
= Moved Sort order selection in the pop-up list.
= Fixed combo screenshot will not be disabled if there is no network cable is not plugged in at boot time.
= Removed restrictions on the file names in the File Manager - allows special characters to be used.
= Added the ability to add or delete mailbox mode when the 4: 3 screen without having to manually change the database.
= Aurora will now be included in the launch XHTTP dash while Aurora works. When Aurora leaves, he returns it to the setting you had on before!

Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS) Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS) Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS) Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS)
Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS) Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS) Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS)

Tags: Aurora. Dashboard. FREEBOOT. JTAG. XBOX 360. Xbox360

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Confrontatio n (2012 / PC / RePack / Rus)
December 8, 2014 20:23
Group: Customers
The file is not completely unpacked! Please ispravte
# 2
December 9, 2014 12:15
Group: Reporters
Just I checked all unpacked

December 11, 2014 7:37
Group: Customers
though to explain in detail to that which cast
11 December 2014 13:11
Group: Customers
Hello, Aurora I from the early days, it appeared more like it than fristail.A to shower or anything and not where you do not just need to restart the upgrade kansoli and all new version of Aurora is ready, but it kansoli must be connected to the Internet.
Install the first version of Aurora and upgrade to the latest !!!
# 5
14 December 2014 00:31
Group: Customers
But with the covers still tight
21 December 2014 14:47
Group: Customers
# 7
21 December 2014 15:11
Group: Reporters
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# 8
December 24, 2014 1:39
Group: Customers
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# 9
January 11, 2015 2:39
Group: Customers
Put familiarized. All cool, make quality than Freestyle3, in terms of interface. Everything is available, at hand, nicely. But there is one significant disadvantage (my opinion) - you can not put the fan speed.
# 10
27 January 2015 23:56
Group: Customers
This is something someone uses?)
Already FreeStyle Dashbord 3.14 out!
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