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" »EPSXe emulator PlayStation v1.9.0

ePSXe emulator PlayStation v1.9.0

Author: JACKIE | 19-10-2013 | Emulators (PC) / 1 ~~~ PSX ~~~ 1 Games | Views: 2725 | Comments: 1 |
ePSXe emulator PlayStation v1.9.0 + Customized plugins for online play and cheats (assembly version 1.9a)
ePSXe emulator PlayStation v1.9.0
This assembly includes the best of today emulator PlayStation - ePSXe 1.9.0, Various plug-ins, the BIOS, and most importantly - it is already optimally configured and includes fixes for games having some problems with the emulation with default settings. Plus, in this assembly includes a plugin that allows to play over the network ePSXeAnd a customized plug-in to use cheats.
To install run the file and follow the instructions. In Windows Vista / 7/8 do not install the program in Program Files. You can be installed over the older version (just in case, copy the save).
Once installed on the desktop and in the Start menuu003e Programs, a shortcut to ePSXe.

Reassign the button on the other, or gamepad can be in Configu003e Game Padu003e Port 1u003e Pad 1.If you set up a gamepad and analogues, the change in the top right corner of the view controller with Digital on the DualShock (switching: F5). There you can put the vibration (Rumble): Type: DX Joy1 (for the first gamepad OS).
To run the game in ePSXe click Fileu003e Run ISO * (or click on the icon in the Wrapper) and select the image of the game, or Fileu003e Run CDROM (or click on the icon in the Wrapper) to start from the disc.
To change a disk, click Fileu003e Change Discu003e ISO (CDROM).
When starting from a disk it is assumed that the first disk drive. If you have multiple drives, and you want to run games from the first, then select the drive in the Configu003e CDROMu003e Configure: Drive Selection.
* Although the emulator and offers a choice of image in mds / mdf format, most of them, he does not read. Perekonvertiruyte image in the cue / bin. Or mount the image in a virtual drive.
Other information (as you can see in the README.html):

Default control the following:
ePSXe emulator PlayStation v1.9.0

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