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" " "World of Tanks / World of Tanks (v0.8.7) PC - License

World of Tanks / World of Tanks (v0.8.7) PC - License

Author: JACKIE | 26-07-2013 | Action 1 ~~~ PC ~~~ 1 / Online games 1 1 ~~~ PC ~~~ / Simulations 1 ~~~ PC ~~~ 1 | Views: 2113 | Comments: 0 |
World of Tanks / World of Tanks (v0.8.7) PC - License
Information about the game:
Graduation Year: 2010
Genre: Action, Tank, 3D, 3rd Person, Online-only
Developer: Wargaming
Publisher: Wargaming
Game Version: 0.8.7
Publication Type: License
Language: Russian
Language: Russian
Tablet: Not required

Game description:
World of Tanks - is a massively multiplayer online game entirely dedicated to the armored vehicles the middle of XX century.Players will have the opportunity to fight shoulder to shoulder with the fans of steel giants from all over the world, defending their claims to world domination tank.Advanced pumping system and development will allow you to experience any of the cars in the game.Do you like to wear down the enemy on the nimble light tanks, to commit violent breakouts on the universal medium, incinerate enemies with giant strands, or you wish to become a first-classsniper, driving long-range artillery - the car of any class can become a truly deadly weapon in the hands of the pros.But even the strongest players can not succeed alone. In the "World of Tanks" is all about the team, and the victory achieved by teamwork, where each player is given a role to play.

Your car - not just armored gun on tracks. It is a living, constantly evolving creature that need to grow and strengthen.Earned in battle experience and credits will allow you to explore and to buy better items for your "steed", thereby improving its original characteristics.
The unique models of tanks, to the smallest detail recreated from real-life prototypes, allow you to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the tank battles of WWII. All improvements for tanks are available in strict accordance with the historical realities.
Team operation to detect and eliminate enemy tanks, as well as the sudden collision with the enemy, you will require lightning fast response and quick, effective action.
The mobile camera can turn the game action from a third-person shooter in full, allowing you to destroy enemies both in normal and in sniper mode.
In the "World of tanks" operates a simple rule: do not mindlessly heroics. Proper distribution of roles and effective joint action plan - the key to the overall success!

System requirements:
- Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7
- Processor: Intel Pentium IV 2,4 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1,8 GHz
- Memory: 1.5 GB (XP) / 2 GB (Vista / 7)
- Video card: Nvidia Geforce 6800 or Radeon X1600XT
- Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
- Free space on hard drive: 10 GB

World of Tanks / World of Tanks (v0.8.7) PC - License World of Tanks / World of Tanks (v0.8.7) PC - License World of Tanks / World of Tanks (v0.8.7) PC - License

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Tags: action. Action (Shooter). Online. Online games. PC Games

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